Best quotes by Mindy Kaling!

Because she loves to be herself and writes about things that may seem small in our daily life, but at the end of the day make a huge impact.  Mindy Kaling, an icon to many, can give you amazing life hacking fundas to make it easier and happier for you to live, through her books.

To brighten up the Monday a little bit, here’s our favorite Mindy Kaling quotes. A person who can give you ”how to live your life” goals!

When it comes to work

pablo (28)

On winning and losing

pablo (29)

On food

pablo (30)

On priorities

pablo (31)

On laughter

pablo (32)

On deciding over icons

pablo (33)

On paradox

pablo (35)

On girlfriends

pablo (40)

About making an effort

pablo (39)

On bad soul mates

pablo (38)


pablo (36)

On lessons from life

pablo (37)

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