Best Travel Books!

When you read a book, you get a chance to travel without a ticket to places unknown to many. And for those who are really travelling this coming long weekend (2nd Oct), here’s a list of best travel books to keep you company on your journey.

Into the Wild (1996)- Jon Krakauer

Into the Wild is a non-fiction memoir written by Jon Krakauer about the life of Christopher Johnson McCandless. The memoir has also been adapted into a movie by the same name starring Emile Hirsch. Cristopher J. McCandless was born into a Suburban family. After graduating from Emory University, he broke all communication with his family, donated whatever he saved and started travelling along the West United States. One day, he comes across Stampede trail in Alaska where he finds an abandoned trailer and settles into it, living there for almost 100 days. After that, he perished.

Into the Wild

Vagabonding (2003)- Rolf Potts

Vagabonding is a book by Rolf Potts that can provide you with great tips to plan an inexpensive trip, a trip that you can enjoy to your fullest and rejuvenate yourself completely. This is one book that shows how important it is to take time off from daily life and enjoy to your heart’s content like a traveler, not a tourist. It covers areas like financing, choosing a destination, working overseas for causes, adjusting to life on the road etc.


A Year in Provence (1989)- Peter Mayle

An autobiography, A Year in Provence has also been adapted into mini-series for television. Peter Mayle and his wife decide to move to Provence to take a break from their mundane life. What was planned to be a break, turn out to be an experience with absurd weather, underground truffle dealers and unruly workers who act as if they have pledged to not let them live in peace. The book consists of some honest accounts with such humorous notion that it will surely crack you up!

A Year in Provence

Eat Pray Love (2006)- Elizabeth Gilbert

One of the most famous travel books adapted into a movie also starring Julia Roberts.  It’s a memoir of the author only. Elizabeth Gilbert, happily married, a famous author has a life which everyone dreams of. But then, she is not happy with her marriage and initiates for a divorce. And after one more unsuccessful rebound relationship, she is lost and devastated. She then decided to pack and travel for a year and embarks on a journey which transforms her life. She goes to Italy and spends four months there eating her heart out. Then she goes to India, to get in touch with her Spirituality. And then finally goes to Bali, Indonesia, to meet the love of her life.

Eat Pray Love

Tales of a Female Nomad (2001)- Rita Golden Gelman

Woman travelers are provided with criticism and weird looks from our society. But Tales of a Female Nomad breaks such taboos of the society. An autobiography of Rita Golden Gelman, she gives up her elegant life to pursuing her dream to travel and connect with different cultures of the world. Her wanderlust makes her give up all her possessions and settle in Zapotec Village of Mexico and travels forth to many places. Her book is a true example of living life to the fullest, which was our dream when we were kids. And we it gave it up to face our life struggles as adults.

Tales of a Female Nomad

Tracks: A Woman’s Solo Trek across 1700 Miles of Australian Outback (1980)- Robyn Davidson

Have you ever planned to take your dog on a vacation? Sounds like a hassle but here’s some motivation for you. Tracks is an exemplary cult classic which is an account of Woman travelling along with his dog and four camels around the Australian Desert. The book can crack you up at many places, thanks to author’s hilarious accounts and  one quote that drove her all through her journey “I experienced that sinking feeling you get when you know you have conned yourself into doing something difficult and there’s no going back.”


The Great Railway Bazaar (1975)- Paul Theroux

Every person who travels swears by the experience of Travelling via Railways. The Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux is such a journey by the author. In the year 1973, Paul took a four-month train journey from London to South East Asia, covering areas like The Middle East, Indian Subcontinent. The part where India is covered in the book used to be known as Hippie Trail in those times. The book has been termed as a Classic by many of it’s readers!

The Great Railway Bazaar

Journeys of a Lifetime (2007)- National Geographic

National Geographic, a channel which is like a window for you to watch the world from. No one knows the world better than them. Journeys of a Lifetime is a book compiled from the experiences of National Geographic’s travel writers, who have given you information about the world’s most exotic places, many of them unknown to us. The book covers areas like Top 10 lists of all categories, like top 10 bridges to cross in the world etc. And pictures! Oh my, God, you will be simply mesmerized with the pictures mentioned in each chapter.

Journey of a Lifetime

Maximum City (2004)- Suketu Mehta

Mumbai, which was once known as Bombay, the city of gold and silver, a city of dreams. Maximum City is a non-fiction narration by the author Suketu Mehta who looks at the city from a different perspective. He looks at stupefying angles of gang wars, underworld, Bar dancers and life of villagers who have to come to this city to earn something and survive. The book was also a finalist for Pulitzer Prize.

Maximum City

Shadow of the Silk Road (2006)- Colin Thubron

One of the best travelogues of all times, Colin Thubron undertakes a journey to discover the Silk Road, the most famous traders passage of the world. He undertakes the journey like those traders only, on buses, donkeys, camels etc. He covers the areas like mountains of Central Asia, Northern Afghanistan and Iran into Kurdish Turkey.

Shadow of the Silk Road

The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)- Che Guevara, Alberto Granado

Adapted into a movie starring Gael García Bernal, The Motorcycle Diaries is a snippet from Che Guevera’s life when he undertakes  a journey which changes his life. Along with his friend  Alberto Granado, they start their journey on a motorcycle to travel towards South America. But what he witnesses there breaks his heart. Social injustice towards mine workers, lepers, tattered descendants of Inca civilization and much more. The nine-month journey sets the concrete in which Che Guevera wrote Argentina’s history.

The Motorcycle Diaries

So, if you come across any other great book or packing some special travel books, feel free to share with us in the comment section.:)


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