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  1. Requesting a review of my book, Vinakti Duet

    I found your blogsite on theindiereview.com, and have published my second sci-fi/romance novel. I am seeking reviews of my book, Vinakti Duet.

    Vinakti Duet was published in October 18, 2016 through iCrew Digital Publishing, and is available at Amazon.

    Vinakti is the Sanskrit word for “he who is set apart”. Vinakti Duet introduces readers to the seemingly primitive, desert-dwelling Sabulum tribes of the planet Damison and to the humans and various off-worlders who congregate around a local spaceport, Samphire Station.

    Book Synopsis: Vinakti Duet is a science fiction/romance set on a desert planet where orphaned half-breed Sabulum woman, Jenna Ocrova, now successful business woman of rare paranormal talents, must confront her destiny with the handsome and equally talented off-worlder, Dardin Haldane, a Vinakti Master and war veteran. Jenna suspects that Haldane is responsible for her father’s death years earlier. After Jenna’s crafty Nana Hoeny succeeds in verbally binding Dardin to Jenna as her protector, the two must work together to find the slavers who stole two women, friends of Jenna’s complex Sabulum family. During the raid on the slavers camp, Haldane’s brother-in-law, Farand, is grabbed as a meat shield, and then kidnapped, to be auctioned off as a slave. Jenna and Dardin pursue the slavers to district’s capital city, and eventually to an elaborate masquerade ball at the governor’s mansion, hoping to set Farand free.

    Please consider writing a review of Vinakti Duet.
    Let me know what format you would like your copy in.
    Thanks so much,

    Nan Klee

    Author’s Websites:
    Twitter: @nan_klee

    Vinakti Duet by Nan Klee
    Fiction – Science Fiction, YA Adventure, and Romance

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