Book Review: Aarushi

November 2013, when Talwars- Rajesh and Nupur were declared guilty in the murder of their daughter Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj which happened at their Jal Vayu Vihar apartments in Noida. One of the most celebrate criminal cases in the Indian Judicial history, the case was turned into a soap opera, thanks to Indian Media which fed on everything which was passed on to them on a plate by investigating officials and immaturity of officers who at one point even declared that Aarushi had physical relations with Hemraj.

Aarushi by Avirook Sen is a book that can raise many questions in your heart if you read it. Some questions which should have been asked before declaring Talwars guilty. Since May 2008, Avirook had his eyes on this case. Now using his own reportage, court documents and eyewitnesses, Sen has composed a chilling book which shows how Indian Judiciary will work in case you have to face something like this. His book only screams one question: Did Talwars really killed their only child and domestic help?

The instances mentioned in the book by Avirook Sen will leave you shocked. One such instance is related to AGL Kaul, who was the investigating officer in Aarushi Talwar murder case. Nupur Talwar, the mother, was not intimated by Kaul, so to get her right on track, he created an email ID [email protected]by the name of Hemraj Singh and would communicate through that email ID only with Talwars.

And not just this, Avirook also targets the media who bluntly mishandled the case. Thanks to their immaturity or may be laziness to get into the depth of everything, they simply ”assumed” things and presented it to people during the prime time. Judge Shyam Lal, on whom a lot of hopeful eyes were stick for justice, played his part really well. In an interview which Avriook took with Mr. Lal and his son Ashutosh, Ashutosh mentioned that he helped his father write a judgement on the case and it took them more than  one month to come to it. But then, judgement was pronounced on November 25 and arguments began on Oct 24.

”The guilty verdict was already being written- Avirook Sen”

Avirook sen has made sure that each and every witness’s account should be presented in the book. And not just that, it covers all aspects of the case. Last seven years of torture and humiliation that Talwar family went through, it is all in there. And when you read it, you realise that how negligent our Judicial system and Media is. The judicial system is something which we really cannot talk about because this is not one case, there are many cases like this. But what happened to our media? Are money and TRP’s  so important that you can even forget your duty towards public and present truth with evidence?

Overall, the book is something that you should definitely not miss out on. The book doesn’t speak about who killed Aarushi, it simply asks that was there enough evidence to convict Talwars?


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