Book Review: Acid by Sangeetha Sreenivasan

I love reading work of new authors, especially because they have such fresh take on stories that we have heard so many times. One such author that I came across this year was Sangeetha Sreenivasan. I read her book Acid and I was blown away with its powerful characters.

The story of Acid revolves around Kamala and Shaly who live together with Kamala’s twins, Shiva and Aadi. Their unusual household is fuelled by the passionate romance between Kamala and Shaly, some hallucinogens, and external forces of ever-changing Bangalore. While Kamala struggles with her demons, the two brothers become each other solace after a terrible accident that takes away Shiva’s legs. Somewhere in the story, Shaly is the object of affection of more than one person. But nobody knows that she hides skeletons in her closet.
The story takes a turn when Kamala’s mother dies and she returns to her ancestral home in Kerala which stands next to a cremation ground. The horrors of the past and the graveyard don’t even prepare her for the devastation that is about to engulf her family’s life.

The first thing that I loved about Acid is that it’s a very bold and powerful book. Sangeetha has somehow balanced the ideas of motherhood, society, and individuality with such poise that it makes it a very powerful read. The hallucinogen part, on the other hand, has been captured beautifully, in a way shocking and breathtaking. Imagine the hardship of a woman trapped in a marriage with a man she doesn’t want or need. But she still keeps on hanging around waiting for the day when everything will make sense. This feeling of not knowing or understanding whether you belong in a place or not is something that has been captured very beautifully in Acid. This book was like an explosion of extreme emotions, emotions that we as humans most of the times bury inside our heart.

Though some readers may feel that the story of Acid has an eerie sense behind it, I would still suggest reading this book with a different perspective. It was a little difficult to keep up with the events for me that change with every page turn, but all in all a good read with 3.5*/5 (Verdict: Give it a try, you might like it very much!)

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