Book Review: Alphabet Soup for Lovers

If a dish could make a woman strong enough to ignore the call of her heart, then the world would be ruled by woman. There would be no tears or shattered dreams.- Komathi, Alphabet Soup for Lovers

A perfect recipe for affair, love and passion, Alphabet Soup for Lovers by Anita Nair is a story about Lena Abraham, who defines love with only one word- Disappointment. Lena is married to K.K., but  not for love, only for comfort. Because a long time back she understood that love is like an illusion, and something which is not meant for her. But then one day, love knocks on her door. A stranger comes to live with them at their tea plantation in Annamalai hills, and love strikes her just like Arisi Appalam, which melts into Lena’s mouth and satisfies her taste buds like anything!

Shoola Pani, the South Indian actor is running away from his stardom for peace and tranquility. But he finds peace in Lena’s embrace. Something strikes between them in the very first meeting, something which is described through narration of Lena’s cook Komathi. She defines their love story through her dishes. One step at a time. Komathi is also trying to learn English in Alphabet Soup for Lovers. To make it easier to learn, she starts learning alphabets in the form of dishes that she makes. A for Arisi Appalam, B for Badam that she uses in Halwa, M for Murungakai etc.

Alphabet Soup for Lovers will strike a cord of love and passion within your heart when you read it. In each chapter, Komathi starts describing an Alphabet and dish that she can associate with it. Then she leaves a lesson with each dish which can make you understand complexities of love. For Komathi, everything is related to food. From making it to it’s application in life.

Between Badam and Mundiri Parpu (Cashew), Badam is seen as a superior nut because cashew is more readily available. Frankly, I don’t see too much of a difference. Both taste good and both turn rancid after a while. Sometimes, we tend to value things and people merely because they are inaccessible- Komathi, Alphabet ‘B’ for Badam

The trouble with experiments is, we never know how will they turn out. If I see something turning into a disaster, I add a few things to salvage it. Lena is happy that at the thought that i have mastered yet another dish she led me towards and I am happy that we didn’t waste precious food. I suppose this must be what K.K. means by win-win situation-  Komathi, Alphabet ‘H’ for Hayagriva

Alphabet Soup for Lovers is a book that we really enjoyed from the core of our heart. From Komathi’s learning of alphabets and life lessons, Lena’s confusion and Shoola Pani’s love for Lena, the book kept us engaged throughout. Told partly from point of view from Komathi, the book turned much more interesting with the twist which left us giddy in our tummy. Within the story of Lena and Shoola Pani, you find another story, story of Komathi and Rayar. And not just the story, we loved the cute size and amazing cover of the book as well! That is something which stands out completely and attracts you towards the book!

The connection between food and love is made brilliantly in Alphabet Soup for Lovers. Kudos to Anita Nair’s creative skills! The illustrations were really good, and the best character of the story is Komathi. Her culinary skills and love lessons related to food will leave the reader mesmerized.

Alphabet Soup for lovers is a book that one should definitely read! It’s like a fresh aroma of your favorite dish entering in your nose and making a butterfly flutter in your tummy. Something which I feel when my mom makes Biryani for me!

This is one book that you should not miss out on. 🙂

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