Book Review: American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Fun fact about me; I carry fat books when going on a vacation. And when I and Puneet decided to go for our Euro Trip this year, I picked up my copy of American Gods by Neil Gaiman. And I must say, what a read it has been!

The story of American Gods revolves around Shadow, a big man in his 30’s who is completing his last few days in prison. Two days before his release, he is informed that his wife has died in a car accident. Bereft and lonely, he starts his journey back home but on the way, he meets Mr. Wednesday who offers him a job to protect him and follow his orders. Mr. Wednesday’s mission is all about the rivalry between Old Gods which were brought to life thanks to immigrants who made the great country of America- Loki, Anansi etc and New Gods who are trying to take their place and mostly borne of modern crutches for humans like technology and celebrity. Who will win?

When I started reading the book, I wasn’t able to digest the concept of it. So a heads to all Neil Gaiman readers, you may feel a little odd with how the story is going initially but don’t give up because after 150 pages or so, Neil weaves his magic! You will come across creatures so magnificent and odd at the same time that you will be in awe! (example: A goddess devouring her lovers through her vagina. EWW. ) Also, the theme of the book may try to confuse you in the beginning with an impression like “It’s all about two gods fighting” but you need to understand the real devil which is the immigration issues being raised thanks to respected President Trump.

The American Gods is a power-packed fantasy drama and a perfect travel read! Imagine going through two new worlds at the same time. But yes, the book is long, like almost 700 pages long. Apart from this small blip, I really liked this book! 😁

Verdict: A long read for vacation with 3.5*/5

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