Book Review: Bag It All by Nina Lekhi

As a woman in India, we have to do it all. Doesn’t matter if you own a successful business or you are a CEO of a multinational company. You really have to do it all; whether it is family or work. But where to find the balance to do it all? Take some inspiration from Nina Lekhi, who shares her journey in a book that I read this week, Bag It All. From starting a small business from her home of selling trendy bags to making it into 100 crore club, Nina shares her life lessons that can inspire many women how to handle it all.

Bag It All by Nina Lekhi may come across as an autobiography but instead is her journey and life lessons that she learned though Baggit, her famous brand of bags and other accessories. I remember when I earned a small fortune through blogging for the first time, I picked up my first good wallet from Baggit at a Lifestyle outlet near my place. And after 6 years on, I still have that wallet me.

But Nina’s journey is not just about her company. It’s about her life as well and what all she had to do to create such a magnificent brand. What all she had to sacrifice and put aside for her one simple goal. Bag It All begins with providing a peek into Nina’s life as she was growing up. How she flunked in 11th standard thanks to teenage hormones mixed with a few cocktails and enrolled herself into a part time designing course that will be her first stepping stone into the world of bags.

Then gradually, the narration moves on to Nina’s marriage and the day she opened her first retail outlet. In this section, one can see how gracefully Nina started settling down in her life after marriage and putting more and more focus into her brand. She had immense support from her in-laws and husband, and that is something commendable. Because these days we generally do not see such attitude in families. But Nina was really lucky in this case, and she could focus more on building Baggit.

As the narration in Bag It All moves on, we start getting a deeper insight into the life of a businesswoman, who is handling everything. A proper household, kid and a 100 crores business. And I noticed some really pleasant things in the book as well. Nina’s spiritual journey and her implementation of SSY into the Baggit culture. How she merged her family into business, from her husband to other family members. How her life is constantly transforming when Baggit is counted amongst Big Leagues of Bags. An inspirational journey, one can learn many things from Bag It All when it comes to how to balance all aspects of life.

Now speaking on the review side, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Bag It All doesn’t portray Nina like a pompous person who keeps on blaring that she owns a 100 crore business. You can see that this woman of character has gracefully handled her failures, doesn’t shy away from experimenting and is always grateful for her team. Bag It All is not just about Nina, it’s about her Baggit family as well.
Another brilliant thing I loved about Nina is the never giving up attitude. She has also given a very clear message through Bag It All that degree doesn’t define the success of a person. Perseverance and hard work can take you to places. Also, an extra pinch of spirituality works wonder as well. A person who is not balanced and fit in mind won’t be able to tackle tricky waters of running a business, this message is very much clear from Bag It All.

There is one issue though that I have with Bag It All, the mechanical cum robotic language. Even though the book is really good I would have preferred the language to be a bit more engaging. In some areas it is fine but in other areas, it’s as if mechanical or robotic, especially in the second half of the book.

But all in all, Bag It all is a brilliant read especially for people who are looking for some inspiration.

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