Book Review: DNA- Dad’s Not Adopted by Shikha Kaul

As the back cover on Shikha Kaul’s Dad’s Not Adopted says, “Delve into the timeless journey that promises to keep you hooked from the beginning to the end…without a blink!”. And the book delivers exactly what it preaches. From characters with a real life touch to twists that keep you in dark for good makes Dad’s Not Adopted an amazing read. From the very first page till the very end, it will keep you hooked.

Dad’s Not Adopted revolves around Rishabh Shenoy, a celebrated businessman from India who has everything, from family to prosperity, including a dark Casanova phase that comes back to haunt him.
Enters Nisa Yuen, a young woman from Thailand who claims to be Rishabh’s daughter and demands to meet him. She claims to have her dying mother’s letter with her, in which she has stated that Rishabh Shenoy is her father. She hid this fact from Nisa so that she can lead a normal life, but now when she was dying, she wanted Nisa to know about her father.
But when she arrives at Rishabh’s place, she got an unexpected treatment. All her attempts fail, and even Rishabh doesn’t pay heed to her requests. And that’s when tables turn.

Frustrated and heartbroken at Rishabh’s behavior, Nisa Yuen files a case against Rishabh Shenoy, demanding her right to his empire and his name as her father. Rishabh declines, clearly stating from time to time that Nisa cannot be his daughter. After numerous deliberations at court, a DNA test is conducted, and the results prove that Nisa Yuen is definitely Rishabh’s daughter. But the story doesn’t end here. After a week, Nisa is found murdered at Rishabh’s home, with his fingerprints on the murder weapon.

Did Rishabh really kill Nisa to save his empire to be broken down? Will Pranab, the cop who is hunting down Rishabh, change his mind about his conviction? Will Ghazal, an old love, and a famous journalist be able to prove his innocence?
An intricate thriller from India to Thailand, Dad’s Not Adopted is a book that you won’t be able to keep down until the end.

Now there are two parts of Dad’s Not Adopted. The first part is all about Rishabh, his history with Ghazal and Nisa’s death. How little by little Rishabh starts sharing his side of the story, how Ghazal and Pranab decide to give Rishabh another chance and fly out to Thailand to find the truth about Nisa.
The second part is all about discovering the truth behind the plot. But it is the second part only which is a bit problematic and it starts moving away from the main plot of the story bit by bit. Also, the love story of Ghazal and Pranab, no matter how lovely and cute, doesn’t really go with the overall theme of Dad’s Not Adopted. Sometimes it even felt that it was a sweet distraction, to ease up the story for readers, but didn’t work for me. 

If I speak of characters, they are true to themselves. You live and breathe them when you are reading Dad’s Not Adopted. Apart from that, Shikha Kaul has refrained from “Indian Author Jargon”, like elaborating intimate scenes to create interest of the reader. I would have loved a better climax to Dad’s Not Adopted. The current climax is a bit too filmish and something that we see almost daily on our television screens.

Apart from all these small hiccups, Dad’s Not Adopted makes up for a really intriguing and a perfect entertaining read. It is something that will keep you hooked till the end without any doubt. So do not hesitate to pick up a copy of this sheer entertaining book if you come across one.

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