Book Review: Days Without End by Sebastian Barry

Have you ever read a book that you cannot review? I have read so many such books that simply blow my mind and I cannot find words to describe it and to prove why it is a must read. For 2018, Days Without End by Sebastian Barry is that book for me.

Thomas McNulty is a young boy who flees his home in Ireland during the Great Famine. After being lost for many days, he signs up for the U.S. Army in 1850’s. During this new chance at life, he forms a deep friendship with one of his brothers in arm, John Cole. Year after year, Thomas and Cole goes on to fight in Indian wars of Sioux and Yurok. And then, the mother of all wars comes across to them, the Civil War.

A war that became one of the most important chapter in the history of United States becomes a daily for these two. Even with blood and gore and bodies of known people falling around them, these men find their days to be alive. Even when these men are complicit in war crimes, they still feel human and normal. And the main reason for their calmness, the makeshift family that they have created with a young girl by the name of Winona. What will this relationship be when the war ends?

I have a very special place for war stories. Most of the readers steer clear from them as they are not happy reads. But I’ve always felt that best of the emotions come out when a person is troubled at it’s core, just like the emotions displayed by Thomas and Cole. It is so difficult to explain what I felt when I was reading this book, and that’s why I can’t review it, I can only describe it as one of the best reads of my entire life!

Verdict: If you don’t read this one, you are missing out on a masterpiece of a book. <3

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