Book Review- Dongri to Dubai

Six decades of Mumbai Mafia.

Countless deaths and numerous teenagers pushed and shoved into Mafia world of Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar. Two movie adaptations; Shootout at Wadala and Shootout at Lokhandwala, thousands of media reports reporting about Mumbai Mafia from last six decades. But only one man knows the inside out of it, S. Hussain Zaidi. Zaidi is not an unknown name in Mumbai. His first extensively researched book “Black Friday”, was adapted into a motion picture. Praise for Zaidi does not just end her, he is the only reporter to whom all the gangsters, including Dawood Ibrahim agree to speak too. Numerous times Zaidi has been in touch with underworld affiliates for personal interactions and interviews for various Mumbai tabloids. When Dawood left India, Zaidi was the only one who got in touch with him for an interview session. One of the most celebrated crime reporter and investigator, Zaidi came out with a new book Dongri to Dubai- Six Decades of Mumbai Mafia.

Dongri to Dubai gives you an extensive detail how a boy from an average family with a father working as a Police Inspector, turned out to be the most dangerous Mafia dons of all time.It’s not a book that only covers stories of Mafia in Mumbai, it tells you how Mafia was born in Mumbai. How a Rampuri Chaku (Knife) came to be known as Rampuri, how a woman came too close to killing Dawood, gory details of Gulshan Kumar murder and attack on Rakesh Roshan for extortion money. Dongri to Dubai has it all in it. From giving a glimpse into the life of dons like Haji Mastan, Pathans who ruled Mumbai post independence and Vardha Bhai, this just forms a base of this book.

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, fondly known as Dawood Ibrahim in India, his life is depicted as no less than a movie. From the love of his life and how she betrayed him, from being a teenager to one of the biggest masterminds of Mumbai Mafia, Dawood learnt from a very small age that money is what makes a man tick. Give him money, he is yours. Calculative and cunning in nature, even when Dawood was in Dubai, he always maintained his fear in hearts of many.

There was a time when Haji Mastan came up with the idea to get rid of competition and gang wars, planned to form an alliance with Dawood’s Gang and Pathans. But then Pathans went against Dawood’s Gang and killed his brother. Vengeance was born in Dawood’s heart, blind with rage he forgot the alliance and started hunting down many to avenge his brother, Sabir Ibrahim Kaskar.

Mumbai police also played a huge role in Dawood’s success as a Mafia Leader. They started using Dawood against other Gangster’s removal squad. They sowed seeds of revenge and vengeance in his heart, in return he went on a killing spree. Every day, his manpower kept growing, from teenagers to unemployed youth, everyone wanted to follow Dawood.

Destiny turned against Dawood when Mumbai Blast happened in the year 1993, which left 350 casualties with around 1200 people seriously injured. During Dec 92′ to January 93′, there was widespread rioting in Mumbai following the demolition of Babri Masjid on 6th December in Ayodhya, thanks to joint efforts of RSS, VHS along with Advani rath yatra. This turned out to be triggering event for Mumbai Bomb Blast. Dawood Ibrahim along with his associate Tiger Memon, a gold smuggler from Pakistan, were held responsible for such a huge number of causalities.

After 93′ bomb blast, the noose was tightened around Dawood’s nose. Indian authorities tried their best to extradite Dawood from Dubai but failed to do so. After some time, Dawood was moved to Karachi in an expensive villa which he fondly named “White House”.

The book also covers Dawood’s most trusted associate which turned to be his foe, Chotta Rajan. The story covers excruciating details about Dawood-Rajan’s relationship which was celebrated in the underworld. But then Rajan’s insecurities turned great friends into blood thirsting enemies.

Dongri to Dubai is every penny worth. This book couldn’t have been written better by anyone. The excruciating research behind the book will keep you mesmerized and turn of events will keep you hooked to it till the end. A must read for everyone.


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