Book Review: Exit Interview

So I finally got my copy of Exit Interview by Amrita Mukherjee while strolling at Oxford Book Store. And this book has been exhilarating for me..

So going by the name, the Exit Interview is not about exit interviews which are conducted in companies when an employee resigns. So don’t think it’s gonna teach you what to say and what not to say in exit interviews. But it will tell you how bogus Exit Interviews are. There is no truth to them honestly, because how much a person puts into work, only he/she knows. Your HR, your boss will always think that you are a time passer and a slogger who works from time to time if pushed right. But then there are some people who take their work like worship, never get due credits, promotions and appraisals and are simply used in the organizations!

Rasha Roy, a girl from a simple middle-class Bengali family wants to pursue Journalism as her career. After much deliberation with her parents and keeping in mind societal norms, she finally makes a mark in this field. From running around to get exclusive stories, or saying goodbye to a mentor who would have nurtured her career, Rasha has experienced it all. But then a life threatening situation makes her move out of Kolkata to Dubai, to her boyfriend’s house, Arun. Here Rasha enjoys her sabbatical but then deeply misses the adrenaline rush of journalism too. She then lands up a job with a magazine, which reminds her struggles of the journalism field. From non-appreciating bosses to a boss-who-doesn’t-know-anything, Rasha works hard to prove to herself that she has still got the skills. But then, despite all her hard work, she got insulted by her boss, Sabrina who tells her that she is incompetent and her English is like her Bengali. Hurt by her boss Sabrina’s vicious words, Rasha quits from Silver Screen. But then an opportunity comes to her again, when she is asked to do a freelance assignment in Egypt. She takes a trip to Egypt with her now husband, Arun, but what they experience there changes everything for Rasha.

Amrita Mukherjee’s writing has been extremely fluid. The third party narration has been up to the mark and has made sure to cover every single detail. Also, Rasha’s character has been created keeping in mind how a newbie in any line of profession transforms themselves by hard work and dedication. This book has been a very light read for me and will surely crack you up at some instances.

The detail in which Amrita has explained hardship and perks of the field of Journalism are truly commendable. My favourite characters of the book are crazy in love Surit Da, sweetheart and super supportive Arun and of course daring and crazy Rasha. The book would have been a little better if parts of Dubai and Egypt struggle wouldn’t have been dragged that much. But then, it binds the reader till the end. I was expecting a Rasha-Sabrina tiff which would have justified the title. A little editing in terms of reducing pages would have done wonders, but for a first timer, Amrita Mukherjee has really made it top of my list of the authors to watch out for.


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