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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell only leaves one word in my mind- relate-able. It is a book that takes you back to those years when you and things around you were changing at a rapid speed and it was super scary. College, first job, first relationship, career confusion etc. Fangirl took me back to my time when I was trying to adjust towards new me and a new life.

Fangirl is based on the coming age story of twins who have grown up in the world of Internet fandom. One of the twins and Protagonist, Cath is one of the most successful author of Fanficiton ”Carry On Simon” series, which has made her some what an internet celebrity. Having grown up without a mother, Cath is totally dependent on her twin, Wren who serves as her shoulder to bend/cry on and the only link to a social life. But things however change when both the twins now have to move away from home towards college life and Wren decides not share their rooms. Now away from her only source of comfort, Cath has to deal with juggling college studies with Carry On Simon, anxiety, a rude roommate, Reagen and her so called boyfriend Levi who is hyperactive and never leaves her alone.

Fangirl is a book that any teenage girl would love because it teaches you how to adjust towards a new life. It explore many things like fear of making friends, changing relationships, balancing hobbies with career goals and importance of not changing yourself but growing. By growing, it does not mean to leave a part of yourself behind, but adapt towards better things that can help you evolve into a better person

Overall, Fangirl is a nice book. But it is too dragged. I mean the book could have been finished within 300 pages simply. Initially, Fangirl creates a momentum which excites you and takes you back to the teenage days of college, but then you start losing interest at some points where the story is dragged. Parallel to the main story of Fangirl, you get a glimpse into the fan-fiction of Carry on Simon, the magical world of Baz and Simon. I would love to go through the upcoming series by Rainbow Rowell, though it is a little potterish but yes, why not?! Also, Simon and Baz took up more space than Cath’s story. I understand that Simon and Baz are inseparable from Cath, but their story somewhat suffocated Cath’s existence in the book.

Another thing which bothered me about Fangirl was Cath’s character. Now the character has all traits of an introvert teenage girl combating with her new life, but some of the situations mentioned are too hard to digest. For example; Not having meals at the college mess to avoid the crowd or conversation with people!!. Though in some of the areas Fangirl did crack me up, but really the book would have done wonders if there would be a little less pages and a little less Carry On Simon. If it would have been Cath’s story more, it would have been brilliant!

Fangirl is a book that should be read by everyone. But do not get into it with high expectations. Just read it to go back in time and those wonderful lessons that our elder siblings taught us whenever there was a change in our life.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Fangirl

  1. After so many great rave reviews it’s nice to see a realistic one. I hate when I see all the hype and the book lets me down. Would this be enjoyable for someone who doesn’t read YA?

    • Hi 🙂
      Yes you will enjoy the book even if you don’t read YA, but do not get into it with high expectations. You will love some parts definitely, but sometimes you will feel like skipping some pages. All in all, it’s a nice read which could have been a great one. 🙂
      Hope this helps.
      Keep reading.

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