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Blue eyes and looks to kill, expensive suits and a sub-dom relationship. EL James Fifty shades of Grey took the world by a storm when these impeccable series got published. But then, even though these books were highly celebrated, the story line and plot turned sour for me when I came down to the third part of the series.

But then Grey looks a little bit promising when you start to read it. The author claims that you will be able to see the world of Fifty Shades of Grey through the eyes of Christian Grey. In Christian’s own words, and through his thoughts, reflections, dreams. But then when you start reading the book, you will realise it’s not so different from the previous book.

Some new things were surely mentioned in the 4th part. You will get to know Christian’s mother through his nightmares, who was a crack whore and a drug addict, his father, who used to beat them both. Then you will meet Elena Lincoln, who is the reason behind Christian’s existence. As the book moves on, you realise how much Elena Lincoln played an important part in Christian’s life, who taught him everything. From sub-dom relationship to setting up a business for him from scratch, Christian takes Elena’s advice at all points of his life, even when he wants to get a new Sub for himself. You will also get to meet Leila Reed, one of Christian’s Sub, who tries to kill herself at his house due to mental illness.

And then comes Anastasia Steele in his life. Totally opposite from him, from personality to status, Anastasia turns Christian’s world upside down. He wants her so much that he even starts changing himself for her. He wants to give her every happiness in the world, and in return only wants a sub who can act as per his wishes. But we all know how it turns out in the end. Ana leaves him when she sees a dark side of him in the play room.

The book makes for an average read. It would have been better if EL James had given a much better insight to Christian’s dark past which was kept hidden from the readers in the previous books. Also, glimpses from Christian’s nightmare doesn’t make up for the lack of information about his past life. The character of Christian Grey has now been given a twisted psycho look. Even if Ana leaves room for a minute or two, Christian thinks that she is making out with someone. And such incidents make the character creepier. And the same old rant about wasting food. That one never fades away.

The book is 558 pages. And too long a read. Took me almost a week to finish it and now when I look back, I think it was really not worth it. Honestly, whoever wants to read it, do it at your own risk because it is not that interesting. The book may claim it will give a fresh perspective to the story but truly fails at it. You will realise that you have read this thing before. It may surprise you a little bit in some chapters when some new information pops in. Deducting about 200 pages and adding information about Christian’s past would have still made the book a decent read.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Grey”

  1. It seems you haven’t enjoy this book but worth reading your review and I am sure people would save money for themselves on this kinda book.

    I will be more careful next time on my picks 😉

    • Hi Puneet,
      Yes, you are right I didn’t enjoy this book. But then it was a gift from you only. 😛 I am glad this would provide you a good insight of what kind of books I like and what kind of books I despise. 😛

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