Book Review: The Indigo Sun by Rupa Bhullar

You might have heard about how people undertake solo journeys to find their true self, the true purpose of life. I’ve never been on a solo trip because I for one know my purpose (a little bit). Therefore, I have read a lot of books about such people and the recent one would be The Indigo Sun by Rupa Bhullar.

The story of The Indigo Sun revolves around Maya, a young NRI woman traveling to Rajasthan to find her true self, the purpose, her home. She is led on this transformative journey by Ananda, son of the guard of the resort where she is living. Along with Maya and Ananda, a mystic gypsy woman named Leela and Veer, a well-respected, socially driven entrepreneur from London also give her guidance on this transformative journey.

The journey is a colorful odyssey of culture, heritage, simplicity, and celebration of life. In this unknown and distant land surrounded by strangers, Maya’s past, present, and future come together. Her body, mind, and soul are in the perfect symphony, and she discovers another meaning of life, of which she was devoured for a long time.

Now, when I talk about the book, to be honest, it was not my cup of tea. Rupa Bhullar has written a book that is good, but then too dreamy and unrealistic for me and for other readers as well. The storyline was the same old storyline that we come across in Chetan Bhagat and Durjoy Dutta’s books, and I have risen above them a long time back.

Another very disturbing trend that I am noticing with writers is that they do not write stories anymore, they have started writing screenplays. Every single chapter of The indigo Sun was like going through the typical Bollywood romantic masala movie and I was able to guess the climax of the 50th page only! To be honest, it was a very disappointing book. It had potential to be a great book but then turned out to be a bore.

Last but not the least, read at your own risk.

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