Book Review: Let’s Have Coffee by Parul Mittal

I am not a big fan of love stories, somehow they all seem fake to me because I am unable to find a single element that may be connected to the real life of a person. I recently read another love story, Let’s Have Coffee by Parul A Mittal, and it was as below.

The story of Let’s Have Coffee revolves around Meha who is working as an assistant wedding planner at an ex-boyfriend’s wedding. She encounters a dashing, handsome man, Samir, who is the wedding photographer and coincidently, is attending his ex’s wedding too. Meha and Samir’s instant connection of fate, of ending up at each other’s ex-wedding sparks a relationship between them. One day, Meha realizes that Samir is using their relationship as a research ticket for his upcoming novel, and Meha leads him to believe that Samir means nothing to her and their chapter is over.

But will Meha find the forever love that we have always read in Mills Boons? Will her relationship be always a brief as text messages we send to each other these days?

Now, coming back to the book, I did not like it. The reason can be explained simply in the first part of this review. Did the summary of the plot make any sense to you? Do we still invite our ex’s to our wedding let alone attend theirs? Let’s Have Coffee did capture the Millennial side of love, but then when I was reading it, and I am a millennial just for the record, the whole time my mind was like “Are you kidding me? Things really happen like that?” Or maybe I am one of those boring millennial who hasn’t come across such experiences!

All in all, this book was not my cup of tea. It can be a quick metro read or a beginner’s guide to reading novels, but I will not recommend this to anyone!

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