Book Review: Maestra

Maestra, a story of a woman romping through Europe to find her true self. To achieve her dreams which were taken away when she tried to find the truth. A ruthless tale from LS Hilton that will leave you shocked with every turn of the page.

Maestra by LS Hilton


Maestra by LS Hilton follows the life of Judith Rashleigh, who works as an assistant at a London auction house. Tired of no motivation and asshole of a boss, Rupert,  she takes up her nights after work as a hostess in one of the capital’s unsavory bars. Leading a duel life and making a little fortune to fulfill her dreams, she gets hold of a dark secret within her auction house, which she should have left alone. At the heart of the art world, she comes across fakes, mafia and her own boss working for them.

But before she can find out anything remotely related to the “Stubb” which is in question, Rupert gets hold of her and fires her, leaving her dreams to master the Art world, shattered. In rage and intoxicated with a heady mix of erotica, she decides to take on the world and get to the bottom of the things. Now it is one thing to catch hold of the people who wronged her, but then Maestra is not about a woman who wants to make things right.

It’s about a woman Judith who is high on the rich lifestyle of Europe, who has now learned to play the game, who has learned to dress, speak and act in the interests of men. The Right Men. With looks and sharp mind on her side and a desire that never satiates, she takes on the world ruthlessly, without any regrets.She befriends  a billionaire Steve, who helps her settle at first. Once on her own, she is a like an unstoppable force.

When I started reading Maestra, the book didn’t appeal to me much. It was like a bland start to a good dish. You come across Judith as a weak person, who is looking to be someone or something. But then the story takes a huge turn when she is fired from her job. And from that moment onward, there is no stopping her. She goes on exotic trips with random men, works for them, uses their skills and power for herself, finds her life back and makes sure she leaves no loose threads. Maestra will keep you engrossed after 50 pages and you will not feel like keeping it down.

Maestra is a like an adrenaline rush, you ask more of it. The story line is pretty great but I would have loved if LS Hilton might have made it a little interesting in the beginning. There is a huge risk that many readers might give up the book in the beginning itself. Especially the ones who love to decipher the book from the first chapter itself. The twists are pretty great! I mean you really won’t be able to understand what goes on in that sneaky little mind of Miss Judith.

Judith is a character in Maestra that will surprise you with her world and her ways. She is corrupt, ambitious and self-serving, which does not make for a nuanced character. She would be more interesting in future if we were to discover that she cares about something – anything – beyond money and sex. Even in situations when there is no chance of her surviving, she surprises you with her sharp mind and planning. The language of the book is pretty okay, some of the readers might feel difficult to understand all the exotic words of the world. Maestra is kind of a pornographic shopathon travelogue thriller for me, something very new and different in a good way!

All in all, Maestra is a thriller that will keep you hooked. And is it says on the cover, it is like The Talented Mr. Ripley meets Gone Girl to form this compelling thriller. Something that you can definitely devour into! I for one is looking forward to the coming books in the series.

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