Book Review: Musings of Desire

But when you had come to my room, one day,

(That day I can never forget)

I had abandoned the church’s inspection

and musings upon the God inside it.- Musings of Desire

Poetry can be written about anything, from a sheet of dust on your window sill too long lost love, it is something which can be inspired by anything that you seek value into. The Musings of desire by Amit Radha Krishna Nigam is such a book that has made poetry out of daily lives of people, their losses, achievements, love, and fear. For readers like me who are not that much into poetry, this turned out to be a nice break from daily heavy and fictional reading.

Musings of Desire is divided into 12 sections. Starting from ”Not Sonnets” where the author has created 4 liner sonnets, each one better than the previous one. After that other sections follow like ”Musings of Desire” which will create a wanderlust in you and make you remember your long lost love, ”By The Docks” where poems take you to places where stories have happened, ”From the Book of Krishna” where religious poetry influenced by Lord Krishna is written, ”Musings of Obituaries” where the author remembers the people he has lost, ”From the Notebook” where author is speaking to himself, and trying to inspire himself each day using the notes he makes in his daily life.

Written over a span of two years, Musings of Desire is Amit’s third book. All in all, Musings of Desire turned out to be a nice read for me. It was not like the typically complicated poetry which leaves you wondering and going back to understand the lines again and again. Musings of Desire is easy to read and understand in one go and leaves a soft tingle in your heart, yearning for a little bit more.

My favorite sections of Musings of Desire were Musings of Desire, Musings of Obituary, Untitled and By The Docks. Being a compilation of poetry, the book is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are not a regular reader or haven’t read that much of poetry, you might not like the book. But for poetry and regular readers, this book might turn out to be good. Something which should be on your #TBR this month.

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