Book Review: Now I Love You, Now I Don’t

Now I Love You, Now I Don’t is a story set in small town Indore and big city Mumbai. Lives of two women collide with each other, despite their mutual dislike for each other. Will they both have their happily ever after? Read more to find that out.

Anjali, a traditional wife, and a mother lives with her daughter Gayatri in Indore. Looking at Anjali, no one could guess that she has been separated from her husband for a long time. But then, fate reconciles her with her husband Sushil, and he convinces Anjali to give their marriage a second chance. They decide to move to Mumbai to have a fresh start, and the problem begins from there.

Zina, a totally opposite personality from Anjali, has been shacking up with Sushil after she runs away from another failed attempt to settle down with Shiven. She is beautiful, ambitious and completely unscrupulous. When she hears from Sushil that his wife and daughter will be moving in with him, she amicably wishes him luck and moves on, only to get involved in their life a bit more.

Anjali settles down in Mumbai eventually and Zina moves on to another guy whom she has fallen for, very different to her nature. Everything seems to move in the right order until series of events created by Shiven that twist the very fabric of Anjali and Zina’ relationship. Will they be able to find the peace and order of their lives again?

Now I Love You, Now I Don’t has a very promising star that keeps the reader engaged. The language is simple and plots are well planned. I really loved the character sketches of Anjali, Zina and other characters.

But then half way down the novel, the story starts drifting into some other direction. I was under the assumption that story is about Zina and Anjali lives and how they will collide. But eventually in turned into a high school musical fiasco which left me like “What just happened?!” I kept on reading till the climax and then I just kept the book down and sat quietly for few minutes to absorb the whole story line of Now I Love You Now I Don’t. It was not something that I was expecting.

All in all, it makes up for an okay read if you are feel like reading something light.

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