Book Review: Origin by Dan Brown

As the year 2017 was ending, Dan Brown came out with his new book, Origin. Being a super big fan of his work and all the positive reviews coming in, I obviously picked it up at the bookstore. A few weeks back when I was done with my review copies, I picked this beauty up, only to realize that things have changed with my favorite author and his stories. Some things were good but then some things were so bad that with a heavy heart I have to say, I didn’t like Origin that much. 

The story of Origin revolves around Edmond Kirsch, a computer scientist who is looking for the answer to the biggest question “Where do we come from? Where are we going”. Kirsch has also found the answer and takes it up with religious heads around the world. His discovery leaves them speechless and fearful, fear because the discovery will break all notions that God Made Life.
Edmond organizes a launch of his discovery, during which he is brutally murdered on the stage. Robert Langdon, one of the attendees of the event and Edmond’s one-time professor is now burdened with the task to show the world Edmond’s discovery. With consort Queen of Spain, Ambra Vidal to support him and religious fanatics after their life, will they be able to make Edmond’s discovery live to the whole world?
And what is this discovery that the religious leaders don’t want the world to see?

Just like in all Dan Brown books, the plot of Origin or Edmond’s discovery was revealed at a very later stage. In the initial few chapters, Robert and Ambra can be seen running around Spain, trying to find out where Edmund lives and how can they make his presentation live with a password that only Edmund knew, which is almost impossible to find out.

And when they do make the presentation live to the world, the revelation was kind of a let down for me. After all this running and spending time with this book, I felt deceived when I got to know the discovery. It was, to be honest, average.

Apart from this, I have started noticing a trend in Dan Brown’s writing, which is swaying away from symbology and moving towards technology. In Origin, the Science is the villain. wherein we are trying to find out how life appeared on earth and who was responsible for it? God or some scientific phenomenon?

I missed that rush of reading and interpreting symbology in Origin. Some of it is still there in form of Modern Art explained in the beginning of the book, but I missed that running and figuring out the trail that villains leave for Robert Langdon and the beautiful ladies to figure out. Apart from that, I feel that the book was too long! It could’ve been 150 pages shorter.

All in all, Origin was an average book, a Dan Brown book that disappointed me for the first time. So, if you are planning to pick it up, read at your own risk. But do share your thoughts with me in the comments section, we can rant together. 🙂

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