Book Review: Our Impossible Love

An impossible love that gave direction and purpose to two souls; Aisha and Danish’s Impossible Love..

I have grown up reading Durjoy Datta’s books. Since college I have been crazy about his books and his deep dimples that make my heart tickle! And not just his dimples, the simplicity with which he writes his books, targeting regular but major problems of our society always leaves me in awe. Nothing can compete with the feeling of belonging that Durjoy’s books give you.

Our Impossible Love by Durjoy Datta is a story about Aisha and Danish. Aisha, a late bloomer and a scholar, is busy figuring out her life just like a regular teenager. Sex, masturbation, boys, keeping up with grades and school politics keep her busy. And currently, she is busy with another important task, to figure out what it means to be a woman! In not far away circle of society, Danish is a regular 23 year old boy who is busy trying to pass his final year exams of psychology, a failure and someone who is sure that he will end up as a nobody. His life and its miniscule acheivements are overshadowed by his seed-funded-startup-founder-brother whom he loves more than his life.

Life takes a turn when Danish is coerced by his parents to take a job as a student counselor in Aisha’s school to help out teenagers with their experimental phase. There he meets Aisha and helps her in figuring out what she wants in her life. Along with her, Danish starts to enjoy the work. But then, fate plays a dirty hand and threatens to destroy Aisha’s image and Danish’s love for her. An impossible love..

Our Impossible Love is a book that has everything that a good romantic peppy story needs. From a hero to a villain to an not-so-innocent girl, some sleazy twists and time to time lessons to be learnt from it. The book turned out to a really good read for me. My favorite character turned out to be the good old sweetheart Danish, who is always there for Aisha, for good and for bad. From guiding her towards the right direction to taking her out on mock dates so that she can practice, Danish is straight out of a girl’s fantasy of dating a real man, rather than boy who has his one hand down his pants.

The story of Our Impossible Love is really engaging and as always, Durjoy Datta’s writing is flawless. The issues highlighted are something that one would take notice of, the societal pressure our teenagers face these days, the quick judgement society passes without weighing pros and cons. A little ray of light was a glimpse into parents which are supportive of their children’s decision, which was again something that i haven’t read in a long time, something which was like a breathe of fresh air. Though i felt that the climax was dragged a little bit, but that is something which can be easily ignored.

Another thing to admire in the book was authenticity of the characters. Best example of it is in the first chapter of the book!

”Blood was trickling down my thighs. The pain felt as if i had given birth to a sixteen-wheel trailer. I pulled out the last tissue from the box and dabbed the blood off my thighs and the toilet seat. The bathroom still looked like a slaughterhouse. I felt every bit like an injured Rambo cauterizing his wounds, except i was mewing and not grunting”- Aisha Paul

Overall, Our Impossible Love is a book that you should definitely read. Its is something that you can relate to, a story that will take you back to your teenage days when you would have loved someone like Danish to be there in your life, to help you make some decisions, tell you what is right and what is wrong. I for one would have loved someone like that in my life.

A book that even serious and heavy readers like me would love, Our Impossible Love is something that you should not miss..

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