Book Review: Paro by Namita Gokhale

So this week was a bit troublesome for me, given that everything was super slow at work and home. And to make it a bit exciting, I decided to eat Chicken Do Pyaza from a joint in front of my office. It ultimately made me land into a ditch of my own puke and loads of dehydration, but then I have risen wise and little recovered from my bed this morning, bringing to you review of this cult classic novel from the eighties, Paro by Namita Gokhale.

The story of Paro is set in Delhi and Mumbai of the eighties. Even though we feel that both the cities are famous for their power and money driven economies respectively, I feel that both the cities have a lot in common. The rapacious and calculating unmarried socialities stalking prospective providers in parties, businessmen with one eye on commercial contracts and the other on the scrumptious bosom of their young secretary, the long-haired Kurta clad Marxist drinking red wine and living in the comfort of his rich parents. These are some of the things that make Delhi and Mumbai as one, whether it is 1980’s or 2018!

And in between this glam and glitter, Namita Gokhale shares story of Paro. A heroic temptress who glides like an exotic bird of prey through rich societies of Delhi and Mumbai. She lives life recklessly, caring about nothing and no one. From getting married into a rich business family to her divorce, and then taking lovers who could be her son’s age, Paro has done it all. But nobody yet understands what she really wants? The safe arms of a man around her, or the money and sheer power that can make her unstoppable?

Observing her from a distance is Priya, a middle-class girl from Mumbai married into posh Delhi circles. As much she tries to understand Paro and her daily drama, the more she falls into the trap of her enchanting beauty and skills using which she has half the city’s power list bending down to her. What happens when Paro and her secret admirer Priya come together?

It’s been long since I read a woman character so strong and fiery in nature! And somehow, I come across such women time to time, thanks to the vicious social circle we have to keep appearances in. Paro left me spellbound and dazed and I don’t have enough words to define her ❤️
But yes, even though the book is a cult classic, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, given Paro’s behavior that can make some readers go “Haye Rabba” ?
But for me, Oh I simply loved it. The storyline will keep you hooked till the end, and Paro’s endless drama of a constant need for a shoulder to cry on and powerful men who can keep her wallet full will make you laugh and distraught at the same time. The book could’ve definitely been shorter, trimming at least 50 pages or so but then the overall work is pretty awesome.

If you are ever in the mood of a cult classic featuring a strong and sassy woman, Paro by Namita Gokhale is something that you should definitely pick up!

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