Book Review: Prithviraj Chauhan by Anuja Chandramouli

We’ve all heard legendary stories of Prithviraj Chauhan from our grandparents or parents, sharing life lessons of this famous King who was destined to rule the world. Somehow, even our grandparents were not aware who this Great man was. Until authors like Anuja Chandramouli took matters into their own hands and decided to share the story of this great King with us.

Last week, I completed this gorgeous book from Anuja Chandramouli, Prithviraj Chauhan: The Emperor of Hearts and I was mesmerized and spellbound by the story.

The legendary Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan was the destiny’s chosen one, singled out for glory and greatness. His dream of one united land surpassed every hate and deceit, that made him a legend and turned his presence into godlike. People of his Kingdom worshipped him and trusted his dream of one united land. However, fate had some other plans for Prithviraj Chauhan, plans that could either give him everything he desires or take away everything he made with his sweat and blood.

In a land not so far away, Princess Samyukta loved Prithviraj from afar, and when Prithviraj Chauhan claimed her for his own, defying the wrath of an implacable foe, their happiness was complete. Victorious in love and war, Prithviraj Chauhan was soon to discover that success came with a terrible price – trouble, treachery, and tragedy. Will he be able to keep his dream alive? Will he be alive to see his dream come true?

I have always admired Anuja Chandramouli’s work, given that she can give that fictional and engaging edge to a book, by keeping its historical facts intact. The story of this book is engaging and easy to understand. The initial few chapters of the book are a bit confusing, thanks to a number of characters introduced at once to the readers which makes it hard to keep a track. But as soon as you jump this hurdle, rest of the story of Prithviraj Chauhan goes smooth.
Another thing that I would like to point out is that Prithviraj Chauhan could’ve been a bit short, at least 50-100 pages short. The book starts to drag a bit in the middle and makes you want you to skip some pages.
But overall, I really liked the book. It is a must read and you should definitely pick it up.

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