Book Review: See Me

He smiled, and for the first time in a long, long while, she found herself utterly at a loss for words.

When you read a Nicholas Sparks book, you know something happens in your heart and mind. It transports you to the world where only love remains, and nothing else. But the new novel See Me by Nicholas Sparks is something different. It is a lethal combination of thriller and romance, something which is very different from what Sparks has written before.

See Me is a story about Colin Hancock and Maria Sanchez. Colin who is running away from his dark past spending his days studying at a Teaching Institute and nights bar-tendering or fighting in MMA clubs to sort out his anger and aggression issues. Currently, Colin only wants his teaching degree to lead a life as per the proper society standards. But fate has different plans for him. On a rain-swept night, his path crosses with Maria Sanchez, who is a lawyer and has her own issues to solve. When she meets Colin, something rises in her chest, a wish to lead a life that she always wanted. But a person cannot always run away from their past.

Before the couple even gets a chance to envision a life together, menacing reminders from Maria’s past begins to surface. Ominous threats, dead flowers in her car and sheer violence. And as these threats begin to shadow their every step, Colin and Maria will be pushed to a breaking point. They start to dig out Maria’s past, the source of all these threats, managing Colin’s anger issues and trying to fight the ominous future.

See Me is a book that will melt your heart at some places but at some places, you will feel like going to sleep. The story starts at a great pace, describing how Colin is managing his life after being on parole, how Maria is managing problems at her work, thanks to her pervert boss. Till about 150 pages, you will be engrossed in the book completely. But then, the story starts dragging and that will be the point you would like to take a break from this book. Once the dragged up part is finished, the threats start coming towards the love birds which is the most engaging part of the book, but disappointingly doesn’t last long.

See Me is Nicholas Sparks first attempt on Thriller Romance genre. Previously, all his books used to about simple love and romance, but this time, he created a lethal potion of both darkness and love. A good attempt at that, but See Me could have used some decent editing skills to remove those extra pages that we didn’t need and do not have any significant role to play in the story as well. A story which should have been about thriving love of Maria and Colin, turned into solving the mystery of finding out who would kill Maria’s parents dog and then stalk the lovers?

Also, all the intrigue created didn’t even relate remotely to Colin and Maria’s story. If all the ruckus would have been related to their story, I might have been happy to see the dark side Nicholas Sparks and cheered him for ending the story in an unusual way, but no, I was wishing a bit too much till the last ”Okay”. I really loved Colin’s character, an angry young hot man fighting for anger issues in MMA clubs and loving Maria like anything!

Overall, See Me is a book that you should definitely read to at least celebrate the decent attempt by Nicholas Sparks trying to write something different this time. See Me is a nice book, something which could have been great but is not half as bad as a read.

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