Book Review: The Story of Us

So recently I downloaded the Juggernaut app where you get to read books on a digital platform at a very surprisingly reasonable price! And the first book that I read was The Story of Us by Megha Rao, a love story that can take you on an emotional roller coaster.

Megha Rao

The Story of Us starts with Raksha coming across the face to face with Harsh Nivas at a cafe near Cambridge University. Though as much as she tries to avoid, she falls again into the trap of Harsh Nivas, the guy who at one time was everything to her. Whom she loved madly, cried for, got abused for and got heartbroken for. Raksha starts reminiscing about the time when Harsh and she were together, in love and happy. But then she got to know that our Good Boy is not that good always, he is actually a casanova and in still in love with her ex, Harita who has now vanished somewhere. But Raksha doesn’t realize it until it’s too late.

After a short rendezvous with Harsh in the cafe, Harsh contacts Raksha again to track down Harita, and reluctantly Raksha gives in. But they don’t have any lead, just some old letters, and a diary. Until an email arrives which sets them on a journey to find love again.

The Story of Us

The Story of Us is my first book by Megha Rao. And honestly, it could have been better. The Story of Us is sweet, simple and full of love, but then the book doesn’t give you something extraordinary that can make you say WOW! It was like, yeah, this will do. When I reached almost at the last quarter of the book, I figured out the story. And that is one thing that I don’t like in the books that I read. The Story of Us turned out to be one of those cliched novels that can easily make you yawn after 50 or 100 pages. Bad boy still in love with that one girl who is gone and dating other girls is a plot that is too outdated, at least for me.

With a little twist and turns, The Story of Us could have done wonders for its readers. Though it may still attract readers who are looking for some light reading including die-hard romantics and metro readers, The Story of Us is something that can be included in your #TBR, but proceed with caution.

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