Book Review: The House of Clay and Water

The year 2018 for me is going to be all about reading new voices, authors that I have never heard off or read about. Faiqa Mansab is one such author that blew me away with her storytelling skills and

Anyways, I read this beautiful book by Faiqa Mansab, The House of Clay and Water and I was able to relate to so many things with it ❤️
The story revolves around Nida and Shama who live in Lahore and meet at the famous Daata Sahib Dargah.
Nida is intelligent and lonely, even when she is married into a very politically influential family. Sasha, on the other hand, is not satisfied with her mediocre household and life, so she takes advantage of other men to fulfill her dreams. Both of them visit Dargah from time to time to understand their pain and the cause of it. Nida also befriends a Qalandar, also known as Bhanngi who is a eunuch. She finds solace in him and his words, and their friendship soars in front of the whole society. But will the society accept this new kind of friendship, the one that breaks the barriers of right and wrong and only thinks about inner happiness?

This was my first time reading Faiqa Mansab and I must say she’s got immense talent and potential. The way she has woven the story and then given it a twist with a critical plot makes The House of Clay and Water one of the best reads of 2018 for me!
The best thing about The House of Clay and Water is the overall theme of it, the exploration of what love can mean to different people, what security means, the pain of loss and the pain that words inflict. This book had a feel of reading an Elif Shafak novel and I couldn’t get enough it.

The only pain point for me was that the climax could’ve been better. I was expecting a better end to a great story, but the one that was written didn’t go down well with me. But it’s just a small blip in an overall amazing book, so make sure to grab your copy soon!  ❤️

Verdict: A must read with a rating: 4.5*/5

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