Book Review: The Marble Collector

”Because I can’t tell him why, but I have a deadline. Fix things today or else. Or else what? Everything remains unfixed forever? Tomorrow I’m back on the hamster wheel”- Sabrina Boggs

Cecelia Ahern has always been a writer who writes such words that leave a warm fuzzy feeling inside you. And you get so comfortable with her creation that you don’t feel like parting with it. You feel like living in that comfortable space where you can be yourself and find yourself again, just like her characters.

The Marble Collector by Cecelia Ahern is a story about Sabrina Boggs who is a regular mother, working as a lifeguard at district pool and is like a hamster on a wheel just like all of us. Her days are like clockwork, same kids, same husband, same work and the same life. One of such hamster days, she visits her Father, Fergus Boggs who is living in a therapy home to recover from amnesia, which happened due to a recent heart attack.  She gets to know that someone has delivered few parcels for him. She collects them and out of curiosity opens them, unaware that she will open boxes full of memories.

The boxes contain marble collection of her father along with a well-maintained inventory for the same. As far she tries to remember, she doesn’t recall her father owning this collection. She also realises that the most expensive ones are missing. Once realisation of missing marbles hit her, she starts tracing back her father’s secret life of a Marble Collector. From his childhood, his brother, his fascination towards marbles, a crack family, a wife who never really knew him and love of his life, Cat. His transformation from Fergus Boggs into a fake identity of Hamish O’Neil, The Marble Collector.

Sabrina starts with her mother, Gina. And from there on, one by one in quest of missing marbles, she finds her father again, someone whom she never really knew. The only problem is that she has only one day to figure everything out. Because the hamster days will return after the weekend, again she will be back to the tedious schedule and never get rid of it. In trying to uncover her father’s hidden life, she finds herself as well.

The Marble Collector is written in a way that shows background story of Fergus Boggs in one chapter and then in the next chapter shows Sabrina’s present. What we really loved about the book was genuine characters, some of them straight out of life. Gina, a woman sulking over cheating and a sick husband, Sabrina, constantly fighting for something new apart from hamster wheel, Cat, who doesn’t give up on her love and Fergus Boggs, someone who suppressed his real self so that people around him can accept him easily.

One of the best parts of The Marble Collector was when Fergus talks about Cat, how much he loves her and how she is ready to accept him as he is. With Gina, he could never be himself. He hides his fascination and passion for marbles from her so that she doesn’t alienate him. But with Cat, he can play and talk about marbles all the time. And when time demands, he can even give them up as well. Fergus Boggs, taking a fake identity to live his real life.

Overall, The Marble Collector turned out to be a great read and something refreshing. We loved the characters, especially Fergus Boggs. The story is easy and very engaging, so engaging that I have a book hangover and I am not able to open a new one now.I can imagine how much research Cecelia Ahern must have undertaken to write so much about marbles and their collectors. The story left a warm and cozy effect on me, something which only comes out of reading a really great book which shows a little chapter of what life is.

This is one book that you should not miss! One, because its Cecelia Ahern and two because you will miss out something really great. 🙂

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