Book Review: The Private Life of Mrs. Sharma

“When people say, ‘Oh, look at that woman, she is so bold,’ what are they saying? Actually, the only thing that they are saying is that she is not scared to make certain types of decisions.”- Mrs. Renuka Sharma, protagonist from The Private Life of Mrs. Sharma

What happens when a married woman, living with her son and in-laws tries to go out and live a little? The Private Life of Mrs. Sharma by Ratika Kapur is a story about Mrs. Renuka Sharma. She has a son, 16-year-old Bobby and lives with her in-laws in a small rental flat in New Delhi, while her husband is based out in Dubai, working as a physiotherapist, saving for the family. A long distance marriage and perfect upbringing of her son keeps Renuka busy, until she creates a private life for herself, The Private Life of Mrs. Sharma.

Mrs. Sharma’s life revolves around her clinic where she works as a office manager, her husband with whom she skypes twice a week, looking after a diabetic father in law who can go into diabetic coma anytime and trying to keep Bobby on a straight timeline, starting with good grades in school to college to an MBA degree and finally a swanky executive job in an air conditioned office.

Besides these mundane tasks, she has a private life to handle, which started off with a conversation with a random stranger on Hauz Khas metro station. The Private Life of Mrs. Sharma, something which turned out to a total shocker!

Overall, The Private Life of Mrs. Sharma is pretty amazing! The story starts with the background and mundane life but takes an unexpected turn which is like BAM! in your face. I mean when we were reading the book we never expected the plot to be like this.

The Private Life of Mrs. Sharma inspires immediate sympathy with a first-hand account of her life. Though she cribs from time to time about her circumstances, but Mrs. Sharma is not someone who would waste her time bemoaning about injustices of her life. One minute she is crying and the other minute she transforms into an action taker, taking control of her son and her life.

Mrs. Sharma claims that she was not born yesterday, she knows everything. She is traditional and down to earth in real life, but one corner of her brain can analyse moves of every single person in her life. She is calculative and practical as well. She knows the difference between need and want and she knows how to perfectly balance her regular and private life. Only one time, when she lost control, The Private Life of Mrs. Sharma happened.

“I was not born yesterday” – and she keeps on experimenting with different opportunities to make best of the less ideal situation she comes across.

You will love the smooth transition of The Private Life of Mrs. Sharma from a personal journal to a twist that will stun you! We fell in love with the simplicity and traditional methods of Mrs. Sharma and her bold avatar as well. Ratika Kapur has made sure that a perfect balance is there in the book. The Private Life of Mrs, Sharma is pretty engaging though you might feel it has been dragged a bit in the beginning. But all in all, it is one book that you must read!

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