Book Review: Three Daughters of Eve

I fell in love with Elif Shafak in 2014, when I read Forty Rules of Love. She became a writer that reached out to me, made me think about unexplored emotions in human beings. This year I picked up Three Daughters of Eve and I fell in love with her again. The story, the characters, the theme was so beautiful that this book became my solace for 2 crazy weeks. 

The story of Three daughters of Eve revolves around three women, Mona, Shirin, and Peri. One can define them as the Believer, The sinner and The confused. All three have their own ideas of God and especially Peri, who has seen God as an instrument which always created tension in her household. Dr. Azur at Oxford university becomes their anchor, helps them to understand and open up to other ideas of God. But will he be successful?

Dr. Azur is a professor who believes in accepting God in all forms, the good, the bad and the ugly. He doesn’t treat God as a greater entity meant to save the world, he treats it like an emotion, something that should flow freely in our minds and hearts. He experiments with his students so that they understand each other God’s, they accept God in each form. He plans an experiment for the three eves as well, but will it go as planned? Will they be able to understand each other and their god?

And what about the scandal that destroyed all their lives, especially Peri as she was the center of that?
Speaking of technicalities, the story of the book is really good. It may appear a bit slow to some of the readers, but it eventually builds up. The best thing about this book is the debates related to God. Me being an atheist loved all the concepts and ideas that flowed into this book. The background story could’ve been definitely better, but it was not that bad either. All in all, the book for me was beautiful and somehow, I can relate to Peri and her confusion too.

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