Book Review: Two’s Company

Two’s Company include Jack and Cass Mandeville who have a perfect family, each member with a successful career, good looks and everything that a common man would dream of, but when you look closely at them, they are as twisted as trees in Amazon jungle!

Two’s Company by Jill Mansell is a story about Mandeville family. Celebrity couple Jack and Cass Mandeville have everything that a person would dream of, successful careers, good looks, great kids and a grand marriage. The trio of incredible children comprises of Cleo Mandeville, who is a successful model, Sean who is devilishly handsome and has lethally combined that with a career of Comedian and sixteen-year-old Sophie, who is hiding behind baggy sweaters and glasses. But everyone knows this caterpillar will turn into a beautiful butterfly some day. In the eyes of media and press, Mandeville’s can never go wrong anywhere!

But on the day of Jack’s fortieth birthday, Imogen Trent comes into their life. A journalist whose intention was to know the secret of Mandeville’s perfect life for her Magazine’s article, took away a lot more than she intended too. A day which embarked Mandeville’s on a journey where they start realizing that they are not so perfect after all. A journey where they start questioning their perfect life and people around them.

Two’s company is a book that you won’t be able to keep down! It can easily give you sleepless nights and you might want to sacrifice your sleep just to know what happened next. It’s a great romantic page turner full of fun and sweet revenge. You will fall in love with the characters and their genuineness. Though Two’s Company revolves around a celebrity couple, the story is created in such a way that celebrity status is overshadowed and their emotional side is depicted. Nowhere during the Two’s Company, you will feel that you are reading about a scandalous life of a celebrity, you will read a story that will show that celebrities are just as twisted like regular people.

Overall, Two’s Company turned out to be an amazing read! Though it’s 438 pages long, you will not even realize the length of it as it is so engaging. It took me about four days to finish the book but never I felt that ”Oh it’s too long”. The story of Two’s Company is swift and easy and not complicated at all. Kudos to the humor quotient of Jill Mansell, correct humor at the correct time. The way she has blend comedy with the romance of Jack and Cass is commendable. The book may have been definitely shorter, but then it’s a thing you can ignore when you read the story and feel satiated.
My favorite character from Two’s Company turned out to be Sophie, the nerd who may be trying to learn Swahili, but can also show her glossy and mean side from time to time. I fell instantly in love with her. Some of the twists will be emotional in the book and you may feel a pang in your heart when you read it. Especially the instances where Sean, the habitual lover shows his true emotions towards Pandora but realizes that he has lost her forever.

All in all, Two’s Company is a book that you should definitely read this season. For the love, romance and some twisty things we do in life to get the love that we want.

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