January #TBR!

A new year  and a new set of books! 🙂 This January is going to be really exciting for us!

In December 2015 we participated in #GiftABook contest where in a person gifts a book to a random stranger, acting like a Secret Santa. In return you have a chance to get free books and about 36 of them! And we got about 13 of them! So, our January #TBR is now the books that we have received in #GiftABook contest!

Alphabet Soup for lovers by Anita Nair


We had our eyes on this beauty as soon as it was launched and currently we have started our year by reading this book only. Short, simple and a powerful story. The story depicts adultery and passion that restores love in hearts of those who have lost all hope like book’s protagonist, Leena.  Set in the background of tea plantations of Annamalai hills, this is one book that you should definitely read this year!

Chasing Tomorrow by Sidney Sheldon

Chasing Tommorow

We have grown up reading Sidney Sheldon and when we got copy of this book, we were really excited. That’s what Sidney Sheldon books do, keep you on edge of your thoughts that what will happen next in the story! Tracy and Jeff are world famous for their astounding heist. Both lovers have always keep security forces in a dizzy state with their performance. But now, Tracy wants to settle down with Jeff and have a family. And she needs to undertake one last job that can assure a secure life for both of them.

Bring up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel

Bring up the bodies

A Booker’s Prize 2012 winner, Bring Up The Bodies speaks about a King’s dilemma in balancing his life and his kingdom. Where he needs to choose between wife’s unfortunate miscarriages to produce a heir and Kingdom’s happiness and threats. Set in 16th century, Bring Up The Bodies is a story about love and power struggle which took place centuries ago in England.

Kafka On The Shore by Haruki Murakami

Kafka on the shore

Yes, we are ashamed that we still haven’t read this beautiful creation! But now, thanks to one of the Secret Santas we have this book in our hands. One of the best books of Haruki Murakami, the readers who have read it claim that the story can change your perspective and thinking towards life and its mysteries. Well, this one we are definitely looking forward too!

That Long Silence by Shashi Deshpande

That Long Silence

Shashi Deshpande has been a great writer of India. And one of the Santas was awesome enough to send us a copy of her book as we have never read her books. A failed marriage, a husband who is facing allegations of fraud, two teenagers who are not interested in their parents life and a claustrophobic mother, who is facing everything all alone. The protagonist Jaya has shown such feelings and plight in this book that as a woman you will understand how hard it is to kill your own dreams dreams and live for other. And others are not even grateful for it.

Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome

Three men in a boat

A Penguin classic with a very thin number of pages, Three Men in a boat is a comic account of expedition undertaken by three men and a dog on a boat in Thames.

Take Me Home by Rashmi Bansal

Take me home

Inspiring stories of 20 small town entrepreneurs who made it big! Rashmi Bansal describes 20 accounts of these inspiring entrepreneurs who are ”made in India”. They never left their home for fancy jobs abroad, whatever they did they did for their country and their people.

The Argumentative India by Amartya Sen

The argumentative Indian

Nothing like some history and debate! Nobel prize winning economist Amartya Sen has written Argumentative Indian keeping in mind the diversity and history of this great country.

”India is an immensely diverse country with many distinct pursuits, vastly different convictions, widely divergent customs and a veritable feast of viewpoints. Out of these conflicting views spring a rich tradition of skeptical argument and cultural achievement which is critically important, argues Amartya Sen, for the success of India’s democracy, the defence of its secular politics, the removal of inequalities related to class, caste, gender and community, and the pursuit of sub-continental peace.”’, writes Amartya Sen.

Asura by Anand Neelakantan


Anand Neelakantana is our favorite mytho-fiction writer. And we could smack ourselves on the head for not reading Asura till now. Asura is about narration of epic tale of Ramayana from Raavan and Bhadra’s point of view. And an engaging one, just like Anand’s other books!

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So, out of the lot that we have receivd, we will try and finish of these books this January. And may you all have an exciting year ahead with full of books and coffee. 

Happy New Year, Happy Reading 🙂



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