July #TBR- Back to books!

After a long holiday in Spain, I am finally back to my books and tea and sharing my July #TBR with you guys, books that I will be devouring into this month. 

Now June #TBR was all about reading book series in one go, thanks to an anonymous question asked by a follower on Quora. I tried reading two series in June, The Bangladesh series by Tahmima Anam which swept me off my feet and The Little Coffee Shop in Kabul series by Deborah Rodriguez, which I wasn’t able to finish.Not because I got bored or anything, but simply because I forgot to carry the second book of series thinking that I would be enjoying my vacation more and won’t get much time to read. But I was wrong. And yes, reading series in one go definitely works, if only you have the patience and you take a break of day or two in between the books.

Now, for my July #TBR I have loads to cover. Thanks to my vacation, I left a few books untouched which were sent to me for review. Sincere apologies for the delay but I desperately wanted my vacation. Also, need to finish up the review of books that I have read on my vacation.

So following are the books that I will be reading this month and share my thoughts on;

Nine Lives by William Dalrymple

Nine Lives

Nine Lives is something that I had to purchase during my last days of vacation, simply because I didn’t want to die of boredom in the aircraft or on the Airport and who knows travel writing better than William Dalrymple. A heady mix of finding modern India in Sacred India, William Dalrymple has done an amazing job of finding people bound with ancient traditions, but while fulfilling those traditions, they have even adapted the modern and changing time. I am 25% finished with this book according to my kindle, and it’s turning out to be a beautiful read! *love struck*

Tania Tanya by Antara Ganguli

Tanya Tania

A book that many are trying to get via giveaways and other competitions, the lucky me, got this as a surprise the morning I stepped into my room after coming back. Two women, Tanya, and Tania living across borders sending letters to each other, discussing their evolution of becoming women whilst in their adolescence. A powerful novel about love and belonging, Tanya Tania is one book that I desperately wanted to get my hands on!

Return to the Little Coffee Shop Of Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez

Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul

So I am already finished with The Little Coffee Shop in Kabul during my vacation, and if I would have remembered to carry this book I would have finished my June #TBR. But no worries, reading never stops for me and this book I will finish in my July #TBR. Will share the review for the first book of the series soon.

Go Clown by Shatrugna Vadwlas

Go Clown

Another book that I received for review a few days back (again apologies for keeping it pending), Go Clown has a unique title to start with. Go Clown: #Acchedin for Comedy. The story follows the life of Kirti and his experiences since he is born into this world. Looks like a book with a unique story too, will find out this July if it’s really that unique or not.

A Life in Trans Activism by A Revathi & Nandini Murali

A Life in Trans Activism

I have previously read A Revathi’s The Truth About Me. I was deeply impressed and saddened by the state of transgenders in our society, a sect thousand years old, once celebrated in many Kingdoms for their boon and happiness, now cursed and given a derogatory status. In A Life in Trans Activism, A Revathi speaks about her work, how she is trying to make a difference in this world and this society a better place. A place where every human is accepted, no matter who and what they are. A society without labels, without discrimination.

Do you remember Konan Poshpora by Essar, Ifrah, Samreena, Munaza, Natasha

Do You Remember Kunan Poshpora

Another novel that I was trying to get my hands on and angels at Zubaan Publishing House paid heed to my request, Kunan Poshpora is an incident which covers the night of 1991, when a crackdown was conducted in two villages of Kashmir. And in the silence of that crackdown, a mass rape of women of these two villages was done, their muffled screams now making waves for justice. Thanks to the team of five young women lawyers and writers, who have taken the responsibility to get the victims the right justice.

So, all in all, it looks like a pretty busy July. Keep reading and keep sharing your current reads with me and any other book suggestions that you would like me to cover.

Till then, Happy Reading and Happy July. 🙂

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