March #TBR- Tryst With My Kindle!

Waking up from my lovely February comma, I am transcending back to my book hole full of serious and life changing books. February was great, with Nicholas Sparks and Atwood and my hot chocolate dates. And now it’s time to get back to my kinda reading with March #TBR. This March, I’ll try and get on good terms with my Kindle also. After all, I have promised myself to give digital books a chance. So, all the book mentioned for March #TBR will be strictly read on my Kindle only. It will be my own personal #KindleChallenge!

So, without wasting much time, here’s our March #TBR, some of the best books that we have picked that you can get your hands on;

The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood

The heart Goes Last

A book which you should not miss! Because it’s Atwood, someone who works on the complicated side of dystopia and humans, something which not all writers could do! The story revolves around Cathraine and Stan who are living in Economic downfall of United States. To survive and get basic needs fulfilled, they sign up for a social experiment by the name of ”Positron project”, where they get to live one month as a prisoner and one month as a regular person. But a day arrives when they realize that no matter what role they play, they are prisoners only.

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The Lost Generation: Chronicling India’s Dying Professions by Nidhi Dugar Kundalia

The Lost Generation

Currently, we are going through this beauty and I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with the people who have been mentioned in this book. From Kabootarbaaz of Old Delhi to Street Dentists of Hyderabad, Nidhi Dugar has mentioned all professions of India which are dying now. Professions, some of them which were passed from generation to generation and some of them as old as Bahadur Shah Zafar. You will definitely fall in love with this book and this is something which should be on your March #TBR!

Don’t Let Him Know by Sandip Roy

dont let him know

A book that is the arrival of a brave new voice in the form of Sandip Roy. Don’t Let him know revolves around the life of Romola and Avinash, recently married and living in San Francisco. On an ominous day, Romola by mistake opens Avinash’s mail, only to be punched by a shock that will change her and their son’s life forever. A heart-gripping tale set across the globe, I am eagerly waiting to devour into this one in March.

Other Side of Silence by Urvashi Butalia

the other side of silence

Stories of partition, written from the depths of memories lost due to amnesia or sometimes deliberately buried to avoid the pain. Urvashi Butalia shares heart-gripping stories of Partition in her book, a piece of lost history, an event which could have been avoided and future could have been altered for the betterment of millions living in neighboring countries.

Ashes, Wine, and Dust by Kanza Javed

Ashes wine and dust

Sometimes disappearance leads to finding the truth about the life. Mariam Ameen, born and brought up in Lahore, goes against the set cultural norms and traditions for women, travels to America to find her lost brother. But the journey to find what is lost is not easy, especially in foreign lands. She goes through deceitful love, encounters with strangers and tongues clicking in society against her virtue. Will she be able to find her brother by losing herself?

Helium by Jaspreet Singh


A day after Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is assassinated, a chemistry teacher Mr. Singh walks off a student to the nearby railway station. As they embark Delhi Station, a mob surrounds them, grabbing Mr. Singh. They douse him in Kerosene and set him on fire. Years later, Raj, the same student goes on a search to find Mr, Singh’s wife Nelly. And when he meets her, wounds from the past begin to bleed, leading to revelations of horrendous truth.

So, we hope you have an amazing March full of and Margaritas to celebrate the coming Summer. In case you are reading something awesome, share with us in the comments section.

Happy Reading! 🙂

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