Something Offbeat- May #TBR

This summer is all about Zico (my lab) exploring new nooks and corners of different landscapes and me trying to divulge myself into off beat books, books that are not that much read by general public. 

My April #TBR was finished quickly, so I decided to carry on with reading some off beat stuff. I came across some really good books, some of them so amazing that you simply cannot miss out on them. So here’s my May #TBR, some off the beat books for you!

Vanilla Salt by Ada Parellada

Vanilla Salt

Indian readers can relate Ada Parellada’s Vanilla Salt to the Amitabh-Tabu starrer, Cheeni Kum. A little bit of difference but the core is same, food and love. Alex is Catalan Chef who swears by only serving Catalan cuisine in his restaurant, Antic Mon. But his resistance is now turning business upside down. He doesn’t like to experiment and hates everything originated from America. To save his image and restaurant, steps in Anette, a hippie cook who loves food and experimentation. They join forces and start working towards revival of Antic Mon, side by side dealing with a love triangle, crazy food bloggers and their twisted past.

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Teatime For The Firefly by Shona Patel

Teatime for the firefly

Teatime For The Firefly was one of the best off beat books that I have read recently. Set in the British era Assam, it takes you back to the tea plantations of Assam where expats used to drink their whiskey amidst earthquakes and wild animals. Layla Roy, who is born under an inauspicious star turns around her fate when she falls in love with Manik Deb. Shutting out society accusations and horoscopes, she takes a bold step in settling down with Manik who works as an Assistant on a tea estate. Now Layla has to manage not just her life, but also needs to manage their changing lives amidst the upturn of political scenario in colonial era. A book that will transport you to a different unseen era altogether!

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The Sialkot Saga by Ashwin Sanghi

The Sialkot Saga

When it comes to Ashwin Sanghi, you can expect to be enchanted with his creativity. The Sialkot Saga follows the story of two boys, Arbaaz Khan and Arvind Bagadia, who are born into different societies but with a same goal; To own the world. They both lock horns from time to time, but are not able to see that what they run after is a mystery kept safe from many centuries, and they both are bound by twist of faith to unlock it. A book that you should definitely read this summer!

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Before We Visit The Goddess by Chitra B Divakaruni

Before we visit the goddess

Chitra B Divakaruni is famous for her poise of writing stories that are family bound. Before We Visit The Goddess is another great tale from the author, which focuses on three generation of women, mother and their daughters. Mothers who have tried their best to save their daughters from the dark things they have suffered. Daughters, who want to explore the history and pain behind their mother’s eyes.

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The Fakir by Sunil Gangopadhyay (Translated by Monabi Mitra)

The Fakir

The Fakir explores the life of Bauls of Bengal, folk singers who announced the new era of Bengal. It follows the story of Lalu aka Lalan Fakir, who preached love and co-existence among people of different religions, who acted like an awakening of new Bengal. Currently I am reading this text and will share the review soon.

So, all in all it was a month of great off beat books! Will try and continue sharing some other off beat books with you guys. Till then, keep sharing what you are reading. 🙂

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