October #TBR!

We are now in that amazing phase of the year when cool breeze greets you in the morning, sunlight doesn’t bother you that much and soon, your coffee or chai intake will increase. To make this October more amazing for you here’s our October #TBR. Some books that we have recently read and loved and some books which we are looking forward too.

The Year of the Runaways by Sunjeev Sahota

The Year of the Runaways is one book that you must read! A gripping tale of three young men, living in Sheffield, London as illegal immigrants to earn money and send back home. Tarlochan, who was an auto driver in India, doesn’t want to share his past with anyone. Randeep, an innocent boy has a visa wife living few hours away from him in London. Avtar has a hidden secret which binds him to Randeep. And at the center of the all their struggle is Narinder, who has the most intriguing story out of all four.

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Sunjeev Sahota-The Year Of The Runaways

A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler

A story about a family which looks normal to everyone, but when you look closely you see three generations tied up in a thread that is the core of their existence. A family saga, A Spool of Blue Thread is a story about Abby and Redcliffe ‘Red’ Whitshank, who have been married a long time and have spent their lives parenting four children. Life is running smoothly for them until Abby starts showing signs of Amnesia and Red has problems with hearing. Their kids, Stem, Amanda and Jeannie gather at their place and decide that Stem will come and live with Abby and Red along with his family. But then their fourth child, Denny, who never took up responsibility for anything, shows up. Secrets are spilled and life takes a huge turn for all of them

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A spool of Blue Thread Cover Photo

The Hit by David Baldacci

We picked up a Crime Thriller this month as well to take a break. David Baldacci was our first choice as we have saturated ourselves with John Grisham and others. The Hit by David Baldacci turned out to be one novel that kept us guessing till the end! Star of the story, Robie William has to hunt down Jessica Reel, who is also an agent with CIA, turned rogue. Robie has been assigned to kill Jessica Reel, but while investigating and trying to trap her, he comes across something which was hidden by CIA for many years. Something which can change how the political world functions. A must read for anyone who is into thrillers.

The Hit

The Feast of Roses by Indu Sundaresan

The Feast of Roses by Indu Sundaresan is a sequel to the book ”The Twentieth Wife”. The first book tells us the story of Mehrunnisa, who is in love with Prince Jahangir and goes through a lot in life to be his wife. Now, in the Feast of Roses, Mehrunnisa is married to Emperor Jahangir and is given the title of ”Nur Jahan”. But her ambitions are still at large. An amazing saga of power, politics and roses too!

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The Feast of Roses

The House of Hidden Mothers by Meera Sayal

The House of Hidden Mothers by Meera Sayal was a book that we picked up out of curiosity this month. Our initial impression was that it spoke about immigrant mothers, but when we read it, we realized that it speaks about a major issues of our country; Surrogacy.  Shyama, 40 years old and divorced, wants a child with her boyfriend, Toby. But a visit to Obstetrician confirms that she is not in the state or age to have a child. 6,557 miles away, in a village in India, Mala wants to know the secret to the sudden wealth of her neighbor Seema. Soon, she finds out that her neighbor acted as a surrogate mother and in return got paid a handsome amount for it. Now destiny plays her hand and Shyama meets Mala at a clinic. Can both women help each other out?

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The House of Hidden Mothers

Listening to Grasshoppers by Arundhati Roy

Listening to Grasshoppers- Field notes on democracy by Arundhati Roy is a collection of essays which have been published with various newspapers and magazines. Why read this book? Because Arundhati Roy’s ideas and thoughts about each and every major political event that has happened in our country will make you understand that everything is not black or white, even when it comes to democracy.

Listening to Grasshoppers

Burnt Shadows by Kamila Shamsie

Burnt Shadows by Kamila Shamsie is a story about families who have witnessed the worst of all; Nagasaki Hiroshima bombings, transportation to Afghanistan after 9/11 which had turned Afghanistan into a war zone. A very engaging tale full of emotions and political issues. A story which shows you how even a regular person is connected to major geopolitical incidents. Burnt Shadows is one of the books that we are looking forward to this month!

Burnt Shadows

So, we hope that you have a great October ahead. In case, you have read something really amazing this past month or about to read, share with us in the comments section. Happy Reading 🙂

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