Author Interview: Revant for Selfienomics

A generation which takes life advice from portals like ScoopWhoop and Buzzfeed, one author has written a self-help book that is simply #amazeballs. Selfienomics is a book that strikes a cord with you and you will relate to it with every turn of the page. From the hilarious examples and intelligent use of hashtags, Revant’s book is a delicious treat! Here’s an email interview with Revant, and apologies again for not posting it earlier. (P.S. I had an amazing break, but more about that later ;))

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Q1. Describe Selfienomics only using 4 hashtags.

#ThinkWithoutBarriers #MustRead #Mastread #IDontNeed4hashtags

Q2. What was the inspiration behind Selfienomics? Somewhere in the book you also mentioned that Selfienomics was something else initially? What was the initial idea?

It was a combination of frustration and self-confidence.

Frustration at the way people spend their time and money and self-confidence that I can help in changing it.

Q3.  Looking at the number of self help and motivational books in the market, what do you think makes Selfienomics different?

If I can summarize every self-help book ever written in less than 20 words- “Money is not important.  Think positive. Dream big. Follow your passions. Work hard. Failure leads to success. Never give up”.

Young people find these books boring and overly idealistic, and usually avoid reading them.

In comparison,

Selfienomics offers brutally honest, practical, hilarious and relatable advice perfect for 21st century lifestyles. 

On a side note, I don’t look at other self-help books as competition. A lot of Indians have never read a self-help book before.  I feel I’m competing with Buzzfeed and Scoopwhoop. Young people spend their time on these websites reading click-bait articles as a source of daily inspiration and time-pass. I have to get them to read self-help for the first time in their lives.

Q4. Can you please share your struggles and writing experience with budding writers?

There were way too many struggles for me list down here. But in order to overcome these struggles, I used to proactively find motivation.

I changed my email password to #IamanAuthor and everytime I typed my password it motivated me. Once I accidently deleted 2 chapters from my laptop. I was very irritated as I spent 1 whole month on it. The simple act of typing my password #IamanAuthor motivated me to rewrite the chapters.

Q5. Though you have given quite a description at the beginning of the book, is there something more that you would like to share with your readers?

  1. Self-help books will come and go but there will never be another book which quotes Kanan Gill, Lil Wayne and the lyrics of the song BC Sutta.
  2. I intentionally included many “hidden jokes” in the book. I don’t think anyone reading the book can get more than 80-90% of the jokes in their first read.

The reason I included so many subtle references is that a self-help book is more useful the 2nd time you read it. Also, self-help books are supposed to be read with a lot of attention.

I hope that people will reread the book to find the subtle jokes and references that they missed the first time.

Q6. What are you planning to write next? 

Selfienomics is a pretty unconventional and experimental book.  I want my next book to also be experimental in nature. I’m not sure what it will be, but I want to challenge myself. I would like to try writing a book which combines “fiction, self-help, and comedy”. Let’s see.


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