The Tree Bears Witness by Sharath Komarraju

What happens when you receive a review copy from one of your favorite authors after almost 2 years? First, you laugh in a very weird manner (which makes people in the elevator stare at you like you are some retard) and then you simply cannot wait to get back home and read it! That’s exactly what happened with me couple of weeks back when I received a copy of The Tree Bears Witness by Sharath Komarraju and I was simply elated!

The last book that I read of this brilliant author was the Hastinapur series. And this time, he has written a book about one of my favorite characters from childhood, Mahesh Das aka Birbal, the smart and cunning courtier of Mughal King Akbar.

It’s been only a month since the royal wedding of Emperor Akbar to the legendary Princess Jodha. While the city celebrates, the court is surprised and bewildered at an accident that nobody understands. The new Queen’s brother, Sujjamal, is found murdered in the palace gardens. The natural doubt of the court and people is pointing towards Emperor Akbar and Sujjamal’s own kin and murderers.

With the honor and reputation of the fragile relationship of Rajputs and Mughals at stake, Akbar calls for his trusted advisor Birbal to solve the mystery. The murder of Sujjamal takes place in a garden, at a spot between two mango trees, and the two guards as eyewitnesses have conflicting versions of what could’ve happened. Was it a suicide? Was it Akbar who ordered Sujjamal’s killing? Or was it the Rajput clan, who always felt that Sujjamal is an impending threat to the Rajput empire?

The Trees Bears Witness can be very easily titled as “The best from my bookshelf”. I as a reader love to read stories that challenge my preconceived notions and also manage to recreate the magic. This book recreated the magic of my favorite childhood character, Birbal. The story of The Tree Bears Witness will keep you hooked till the end. And plus, my guess was wrong that who the culprit is hence making this book even more awesome for me.

The only complaint I had with this book was the pace of the story, it was a bit slow for me. But apart from that, everything else was perfect ??
The cocktail of unique characters, especially some of them who kept on ringing a bell in my ear that yes, he’s the killer made The Tree Bears Witness a profound read for me. The language is easy to read and understand and length of the book is apt. The Tree Bears Witness is a like a complete entertaining book with everything right.

Make sure you don’t miss out in this one ❤️

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