Book Review: Trials Of Truth by Pinky Anand

After two weeks of family fun and BFF’s wedding, I am now catching up on my review copies. And today I’ll be talking about a very important book that many of us might have missed. The best part of my book blogging is the access to books that are not usual. Books that show us the truth, the dark side of things that we choose to ignore.

One of such books is Trials of Truth by Pinky Anand, a book that gives us a close look at the criminal cases that shocked our country. Based on her vast experience as a Senior Advocate and Additional Solicitor General at the Supreme Court, Pinky Anand has examined cases that not just shocked the public but made everyone aware that how much we need to improve on our judiciary. Through Trials Of Truth, Pinky breaks down each aspect of cases like Nirbhaya Rape, Nanavati murder, the Nithari killings. And not just details of the cases, Pinky has also shared strategies that legal counsels use on both sides and the rigor with which court comes to justice.

Another brilliant thing that I loved about this book was that how Pinky being a lawyer, is not at all biased. In a very clear and concise manner, she has shared both pros and cons our of our judicial system. Being a part of this system, Pinky very clearly defines that there are mistakes being made on the judiciary’s side due to which the task of developing the safety in our country is a becoming a humungous task. She doesn’t make excuses or justifies why courts gave such verdicts, she simply states facts.

I for one do not trust the judicial system. That doesn’t mean that I can take up law in my hands but then, I know that I cannot trust the police if I am ever in trouble.
Trials of Truth is a brilliant non fiction that shares details that only shares the details of these cases but also voices concerns over the current judicial system. And one thing was constant, that many of these cases would’ve never happened if our judicial system would have a strong spine. It was shocking to know that so many of these cases could’ve been avoided if police would’ve taken immediate action and judges would have focused on facts!
There has been a definite improvement in the judiciary since the Nirbhaya case but is that enough? What about the cases do not come to light because the public’s trust is lost in the judiciary?

I applaud Pinky Anand to come up with such a brilliant book, a book that is a must-read.

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